Friday, 4 July 2014

Japanese Food- Shira Nui

  1. Address: 247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
    Phone:(03) 9886 7755
Prawn Tempura Roll $22

Gyoza $10

Sashimi Platter (Main) $37
Additional- Green tea is  $2.5/per serving
* 1 complementary side dish per/person
The prawn tempura roll was approximately 25% prawn and 75% rice worst part is , it looked like it was made from 2 tiny prawns chopped into TINY TINY TINY pieces and just stuffed in rice with a few skinny stingy vegetables and just to make the dish look more impressive they were so generous to throw in two tails for presentation purposes.

The gyoza was almost the size of my finger or maybe even slightly bigger. I presumed gyoza was suppose to be pan friend dumplings with some awesome mouth watering filling. Well Shira Nui definitely added their own flare to their version of a gyoza. They made theirs look like claws and the portion was very disappointing.

The Sashimi Platter was the saviour of the entire dining experience. It was presented very nicely with some cheap looking bamboo sticks tied together,  two slices of lemon and some other assorted vegetables. The fish was fresh, delicate and simply melted in our mouths.

Overall Review- despite the positive 88% likes on urbanspoon I reckon Shira Nui is totally overrated and overpriced. It was my fault for ordering the shitty dish but with such a positive review on urbanspoon I expected every dish to be a hit and impressive. Another downfall is the green tea, charging $2.5 per serving is pretty outrageous, I'm guessing your green tea leaves were from the HOLY MOUNTAINS of JAPAN.
Total bill was $76.5 

Note: the bill was actually $102 at first and although I knew there was something wrong I paid the amount and requested the receipt later on; thankfully another waiter informed us that there was a mistake,  however when I received my change back, I was not given my receipt.

*Moral of the post, always request for the bill and make sure you're not being over charged and know what you're paying for.
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